Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Un-Luck of The Irish

Hello there, have you missed me? I finally had another day off which means I finally had something worth posting about. This was a much needed day off because since the 16th we have gone into extra hours at the restaurant, which means longer days, less sleep, and less eating. Work didn't give me anything exciting to blog about ( i continued to be runner 1, 2, 3, and on deserts) but here I am off from work and ready to tell you about yet another eventful day here in sunny florida.
Actually, it wasn't very eventful, more like.. indecisive.

I decided to have lunch at Applebees which is right down the street. As soon as I saw the you pick 3 appetizer option it was already decided what I was getting. I can never say no to those things.
yumm. just looking at this picture is making me hungry. I
decided to go with the wonton pulled pork taco's, the spinach
and artichoke dip, and the mozzarella sticks. I cleaned the plate.

For the rest of the afternoon I hung out by the pool, did some swimming, some tanning, and some reading. Sounds like the perfect relaxing day to me. After that we decided to venture to the boardwalk to get some dinner. 

We got to the boardwalk and decided on the ESPN restaurant. Only problem? The line was out the door. We decided to try and walk in and see if there were any seat yourself tables at the bar. Nope. The place was packed, and now we had lost our spot in the line that was now around the building. Time for plan B. We decided to check out Cat Cora's restaurant. No reservations until 9 pm. Yeah right. Plan C? Check out the Flying Fish. There was hardly anything under 30/40 dollars so nope on to the next one. We decided we should take the ferry to Epcot and go to eat someplace there. After waiting in line for a while and realizing that every restaurant there would probably have just as long of a wait, we decided to leave the line, get on a bus, and go to Downtown Disney. We finally got there and got in line for the rainforest cafe, an hour and 45 minute wait. Nope. We next tried Portabello's. They weren't taking any walk in's. At this point we were starving and decided the wait's at Planet Hollywood and The House of Blues would be just as long, so we settled on the Quick Service Restaurant, The Cookes of Dublin. 

I decided on the Chicken and wild mushroom pie that came with
"chips", and I got a side of the cheese and bacon dip. 
One word for this meal..bland. Another? Disappointing. The pie had no flavor whatsoever and after adding packets of salt and pepper it still was not satisfying. The cheese dip was watery and also did not have much flavor. For 14 dollars this meal was a bit of a rip off, and I will not be returning to eat here again. 

After leaving dinner still hungry, we mad our way to the movie theater to go see Scream 4. I got myself a small popcorn and a water. The movie was actually better then expected and compared to my Irish meal the popcorn was heavenly. 

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