Sunday, August 10, 2014

Newport Reggae Festival

Yesterday my family and I spent the day together at the Newport Reggae Festival.
The day was filled with delicious food, great music and lots of laughs. Oh, and lots of Red Stripe. I have a big place in my heart for reggae music. It is all about love and togetherness, and it truly is feel good music, and is definitely my go to genre of music in the summer time. There were some really good bands playing but the highlights for me were New Kingston, which is a group of three brothers and their father, and of course Freddie McGregor. 

Red Stripe Lager is a light lager from Jamaica with a crisp taste that I really enjoy, so of course it was the drink of choice at all of the bars there. There were also a couple of different options for delicious Jamaican Food like curried goat and oxtail. I however was not feeling that adventurous and stuck with the Jerk Chicken and a couple different patties which were absolutely delicious. 

Sunshine, good vibes, good food, and great people, that is exactly what summertime is all about for me. 

xo. Casey

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