Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Caturday

George should seriously be referred to "the boy who's tounge is always out" - sweet Harry Potter Reference bro. Here he is smackin his lips over breakfast. And yes, that is a kitten egg soufflĂ© with turkey and vegetables. Yeah my cats fancy. 

Today George and I are spending the day doing his second favorite activity before eating of course - cleaning. My cat is a neat freak! Before he eats his food he literally sweeps the ground with his paws where his plate is to make sure there's no crumbs near his precious meal. If his litter box is too dirty for his liking he will stick his head in, look back at you, and meow loudly until you stop what you are doing and clean it. And you better believe he will sit right next to you as you do it, inspecting the job. He takes cleaning very seriously. 

I definitely need to take a page from his book and do some cleaning and organizing of the apartment today. Also on the agenda is food shopping (our fridge is 100% empty) and an oil change. Pretty exciting stuff man. I love getting everything done on Satuday so that way I can spend my Sundays without a worry in the world with my two favorite guys. 

xo. Casey

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