Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Pot Rack

Today I have for you the easiest kitchen DIY project. 
For the past two weekends James and I have been frequenting Home Depot quite a lot. We have slowly begun some projects to transform our apartment into a home. My boyfriend has always dreamed of an industrial style kitchen, while I go for a more traditional look. With this DIY project we were able to combine our two styles to create one cohesive piece. We are both ecstatic with how it turned out. 

All you need is a piece of plywood, sandpaper, wood stain, two anchors, two long nails, and some hooks. We bought all of this at the hardware store for $20 dollars. We had the store cut our piece of plywood to our desired length for free. 

First off we had to sand the piece of plywood until smooth. Then with a light grey stain (to match the shelf we put in last weekend) we stained the wood. We put on about three coats of the stain to add some color without covering the beautiful natural grain of the wood. Next we used a drill to place the holes for the hooks in the wood about a couple inches apart. We then secured the gold hooks in their place.

 After that was done, we placed the anchors into the wall, and drilled the nails through the board into the anchor. The anchors help to secure the rack to the wall as well as hold the weight of the pots. 

This was a fast DIY project that has really transformed the room. It is both decorative and functional, just like every great kitchen DIY should be. 

A full kitchen tour is coming your way soon!

xo. Casey

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