Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday Caturday; Exciting News

Hi There Blogging Friends!

The past month has been a crazy one to say the least! 
Things in my work life have been changing, and some really exciting things have been happening. This has also contributed to the lack of posts in the last month, but my favorite season is approaching and I have tons of new content for you guys coming soon!

So on to the good stuff!

First off, I have recently been promoted to Event Manager of the Hotel that I work at. Like, what!? My first weekend as Event Manager I had an awesome weekend working with the Denver Broncos; it just doesn't get any cooler than that my friends! I have been adjusting to my new hours, my awesome new office (which I will share on the blog soon!), and heavier work load. I absolutely love it and could not be more excited about this opportunity! 

Second, it was announced that I have won the RI Hospitality Hotel Employee of the Year award! I can not thank you all enough - my family, my friends, my co workers, my boyfriend, for believing in me. I was in complete shock when they announced it, and I could not be more excited for all of the exciting things that have been happening. 
Believe in yourselves my friends - amazing things happen when you least expect it.

xo. Casey

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