Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Perfect Fried Turkey

Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas the star of the dinner table is a turkey. But not just any turkey, a fried turkey. Because frying makes everything better right? Right. However, frying a turkey can be intimidating for many people (you know, the whole I can burn my house thing). I am here to tell you that it is a lot easier than you think. It takes way less time, and you get the benefits of a nice crispy skin. 

Here are the things you are going to need: a frying pot, poultry stand and hook, frying pot, a propane tank, and about 5 gallons of oil. My family uses peanut oil since none of us have allergies. It just adds a little extra flavor. 

The first thing you need to do is heat the oil to about 350 degrees. While the oil is heating up, which takes about 30 minutes, prepare your turkey. You can choose to brine the turkey overnight be we skip that step. If you do choose to brine your turkey, make sure it is completely dry before placing it into the oil. 
Tie the turkey legs together with twine. This year we decided to remove the wings and cook them separately. The wings are my favorite part, and every year they cook way faster than the rest of the bird resulting in inedible wings. The wings turned out perfect, and we all took turns snacking on them while waiting for the rest of the bird to cook. 

Place the turkey on the stand, and then use the hook to slowly submerge the turkey in the oil. You must turn the burner off during this step to prevent any oil from splashing on the flame. Once the turkey is fully submerged, turn the burner back on. 

You are going  to cook your turkey for three minutes per pound, ie. 12 lb = 36 minutes, and so on. Cook the turkey until it is 155 degrees. Place the thermometer in the leg away from the bone for the most accurate reading. The heat will carry over as it rests, bringing the bird to 165 degrees. 
Raise the turkey slowly out of the oil, and place on an aluminum pan. Try and stop yourself from peeling off all of the amazing crispy skin. It is glorious. 

Carve your turkey, and enjoy the incredibly juicy and crispy bird. 

Once the oil has cooled you can funnel the oil back into it's containers and store it in a cool place like your garage for up to three months. 

Will you be frying your turkey for the holidays? 

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