Friday, January 23, 2015

Casual Friday, Music Edition

 It is officially Friday! *cheers* After a long week I wanna get a little casual with you and chat about something pretty awesome. 

This week my boyfriend James released his full length album Compulsion, and it is really freaking good. I may be a little biased because he is my boyfriend after all, and one of the songs may be about yours truly, but this boy of mine is talented. When I tell you he recorded the entire thing himself I mean it. From the guitar, to bass, to vocals, to drums, to producing and mixing, he did it all. 

I got to witness first hand how much time and passion he put into this album. All words and melody's are his own, and I am beyond proud of him. 

You can currently find his album over on Bandcamp, and either listen to it for free, or pay what you feel. 

It is time people start supporting local music, because that is where you find the heart. It is not found in these over produced songs that you hear on the radio. These artists are not doing it for the money and the fame, they are doing it because it is something they are truly passionate about. 

So go give it a listen, you won't regret it!

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