Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five, Winter Bucket List

Wintertime is in full effect here in Rhode Island so it is time for me to come up with my seasonal bucket list. 

1. Find new coffee shops in Providence. I feel like this is an every season goal, but in the winter I look for more indoor activities. And what's better than a cozy coffee shop. I already found a new favorite, and I am excited to find even more. 

2. Finish decorating the apartment. We have been in here for over half the year already, and so this is the season that I want to really complete the look of our place. 

3. Go Ice Skating. Every year Kennedy Plaza in Providence opens up the Bank of America ice skating rink. I think that would be a super fun date night activity. 

4. Work out. Every winter I say "I need to start working out so I am in shape for spring/summer". Then April rolls around and I haven't started yet. I have a Planet Fitness gym membership, and I think it's time I actually start using it. I don't want to have the "wintertime regret" this year. 

5. Live in the moment. I know it is easy to want to wish away the winter when you think about the warm summer months. However, time goes by way too fast, so I need to just find ways to enjoy the season we are in. 

What are your winter goals? 

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