Sunday, November 8, 2015

We Are Moving..

Hello Creatively Casey Readers, it has been a while. I promise you my friends it has all been for good reasons. 

I started this blog called Creatively Casey in March of 2011 as a Sophomore in Culinary School chronicling her internship at Walt Disney World. Then it evolved into a food blog where i would share restaurant reviews and recipes. I began struggling for content and for a short time this blog turned into Simply Casey. I began posting things that did not necessarily speak to me but was content that I felt readers would gravitate to. Again I began to struggle and made the decision to go back to the basics, and go back to Creatively Casey. I was teetering on the line of food blogger and life style blogger and i just could not find my niche. I had so many parts of myself that I wanted to share and I felt like I needed to put myself in a certain category to be successful. 

 Here we are almost five years later and I finally realize that I do not need to restrict the type of content that I want to share with my readers because it does not fit in the box of "food blogger" or "lifestyle blogger". 

I am a 25 year old woman living in a city on her own with big dreams. Creatively Casey has given me an outlet to speak my mind, express myself, and connect with you all. However, I feel like I have outgrown this blog and it is time to move on to even bigger and better things because I still have so much to share. 

I am in the process of building a new and exciting website that speaks to who I am and I am really excited to share it with you. Thank you to everyone who has stayed on this journey with me for so long. I may not be posting on this site any more but it will always exist as a chronicle of the most important years of my life so far. 

So for the last time, 

xo. Casey