Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Rainy Day off

What's there to do in Disney when it's raining cats and dogs? Go to the movies of coarse. So me and two of my friends ventured out in the pouring rain to Downtown Disney to the AMC Theaters. Once we got there we decided to go see the new Adam Sandler movie "Just Go With It". I wasn't expecting a great movie, I was just expecting a few laughs here and there but for the most part I figured it would just be another cheesy Sandler flick. Let me tell you, I have no laughed that hard in a really long time. I absolutely loved it.   It was definitely the best movie both him and Jennifer Anniston have been in, in a long time.

After the movie we decided to get food at Paradiso 37. There was a guy in there with his guitar playing songs by John Mayer, Dave Matthews (who was in the movie by the way) and Counting Crows, along with various other songs including his own. He was pretty good although he sounded the same as any male singer these days. They all seem to have that same voice. Anyway, it was very dark in the restaurant but I was able to get a few pictures of my food in since I knew I would probably be making a post about it.

It's a very dark picture and you probably can't tell but this was
what I got for an appetizer, Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls. I
have been craving Mac and Cheese forever since I stare at it everyday
at work. They came with a cilantro dipping sauce. They were very good.

For my entree I got the Argentinian Skirt Steak, which came with
french fries. It was delicious and tender but I was so full by the
time it came that I brought most of it home. 
After dinner we walked around a little bit, and of course stopped at the Ghirardelli store for a free sample of chocolate for desert. 

Apartment Tour

Today is Tuesday and finally my day off for the week. I woke up at 2 pm and decided it was time to get up, get productive, and get things done. I put in my laundry, cleaned up my room, and decided to make my room tour blog post. It's a thunder-stormy day here in Orlando, which is fine with me because i needed a day put aside for getting things done and then relaxing.
So anyway, on with the tour!
Here we are, welcome to Building 40 Room 4008.
This is the view off my porch/balcony like thing.
I told you it was pouring! There was a huge bang
of thunder and all of these cars alarms went off.
Here is my little side of the room. We can't tape pictures
on the wall so its kinda bare right now. Im planning on
buying a small bulletin board to put my stuff on.
Here is my night stand. Ive got my computer, and pictures
of my grandpa the most amazing guy in the world, and
dan the second most amazing guy in the world (sorry dan!)
haha okay, okay they are tied for first. 

Here is our one dresser. The left side is mine, and the right side
is my roommate Shauna's.  I decided to rebel and tape my
calendar to the wall. I needed a little something. Then I have just
a couple of my favorite movies I brought: Elizabethtown,
13 going on 30, Ps I love you, and a Cinderella Story.
Can't live without the chick flicks.

Here is a kinda hard to see view of my closet.
It's stuffed to the brim with clothes and shoes.
Im a heavy packer. 

Here is our sink area. Nothing too fancy. And
yes I am still in my pajamas. Hey its my day off!

And there is a quick little view of our bathroom.
Trust me, you don't want to see the whole thing. 

Here is my little shelf of things. Nothing to out of the ordinary.
Makeup, hair stuff, toothpaste, and a giant bottle of aloe. I
definitely need that. 

Here is our living room. It's pretty empty. 

Here is the kitchen which is the total opposite of the living room.
This thing is full to the brim with food. You should see the freezer.
I don't really have much food left seeing as how I haven't been
food shopping lately. Theres not much motivation to cook at 1 am.

And here is our dining room table that i am pretty sure
no one has ever sat at before. See that little walkway
where the light is on the left? Thats the other side of
the apartment where the other two bedrooms are and the
other bathroom. My room is the only one with its own
bathroom. Great success.

So there it is, my little home sweet home for the next two months. I would show you pictures of the pool area and all that stuff but like i said, it is pouring rain so the pictures wouldn't be very nice (and I don't really want to go walking around in the rain). Time for me to get back to relaxing, and if I feel motivated enough to get out of bed, go to the movies.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Secret Life of a Disney Cast Member

So here I am on week two of my Disney Internship. I know some of you are probably interested to know just what its like to be a part of the Disney College Program, and all the things that it entails. Now of course I cant tell you any of the secrets, or show you any pictures of “backstage” but I can give you a quick view of a day in the life of a Disney Cast Member. So here it is my first official blog post, and a picture diary of a typical day here in Florida.

My day starts off normally at 12 pm when I wake up (I will do a sort of apartment tour post after I have a day off to clean it up a little). I shower and get ready and all that fun stuff and then head out to make the bus at 1:22. The bus takes me to the ticket and transportation center where I can either take the B bus, which is sometimes luckily already there, or take the monorail, which I do if the bus isn’t there yet.
I get to the contemporary Resort usually about 2, an hour before my shift. I either waste a half hour eating at the contempo café, the coffee place in the lobby, or just sit outside in the sun watching the parasailers and jet skiers.
A turkey blt with some home made fries from the Contempo cafe.
It is absolutely delicious!
My view when I sit outside and wait to go in to work. 
By 2:30 I go inside and get my “costume”. At Disney they have costuming places where you can drop off your dirty outfit and pick up a nice clean and ironed one. I can clock in about 15 minutes before my shift and then I head up to Chef Micky’s. 

When I get upstairs I check out the board to see what job i’m going to be doing that day. Everyone rotates to different things. For the most part I have been runner 3, but for the past three days I have been promoted to runner 1. Now I will let you know now that working in a kitchen isn’t as glamorous as it looks on the food network. My job as runner three consists of the following: my before service prep which is to set up the signs for the buffet, get the croutons, cheese, ad bacon bits ready, put out all the fruit, and stack the plates. During service I go out and make sure the buffet table is clean at all times, sweep the surrounding area, and re stack the plates when they get low. I told you its not glamorous. As runner one my prep is to heat up the bread pudding from the downstairs bakery, and cut all the bread and will the pans with the bread and the cornbread. It is a lot less prep then runner 3. During service I have to run the food to the line whenever it starts to get empty. So far those have been my two jobs here at Chef Micky’s. I get two breaks one at either 5 or 5:30, and one at either 8:30 or 9:30, each a half-hour long. After we clean its 11:30 and the end of our shift. I get changed, drop of my dirty chef uniform, clock out and make my way to the monorail. The monorail takes me to the ticket and transportation center where I wait for the bus to bring me home. The bus ride is normally a half hour. I usually get home by 12:45/1 am. Sometimes ill get lucky and someone from work will give me a ride home. By the time I get home I either force myself to cook something for dinner, usually my first and only meal of the day, or just go to sleep.

I usually work five days a week with two days off either consecutive or non-consecutive. This week I was originally supposed to have Tuesday and Thursday off, but chef told me I would have to come to work on Tuesday. I will be working 7 days straight with one day off which means I will be making overtime, which is good for my paycheck seeing as how they took out double rent from the first paycheck, but I will tell you more about that in my apartment tour/housing post.

There is a glare, but this is the Chef Micky's entrance.

So there it is, a view into the world of Casey, Disney Cast Member, a culinary student, and sometimes janitor.
The guy who does all the cookin, my boss Micky


Saturday, March 26, 2011


Recently I have become a big fan of blogs. They are a way to express yourself, and share with the world anything that interests you. So at one thirty in the morning i made the decision to start a blog. To share with the world little things about my life and my hobbies. 
I am a culinary student currently on her internship at Walt Disney World. What better time to start a blog then now? Not only to share stories about my life here in Florida, but also share cooking stories and tips along with anything else i am finding interesting at the moment. 
I am excited to start my first real blog, and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I will.