Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casey's Walmart Pasta Salad

So my lovely boyfriend Dan informed me that I have been spelling Walmart like Wallmart. Oops.
So anyway yesterday I decided to make my favorite summer dish, my pasta salad for lunch this week. It is something easy to make, and can stay in the fridge until my break. Nice. Well seeing as how I was making the pasta salad out of things I could only find from Walmart with one L, I had to improvise. It still came out just as good just a little plainer. I thought I would share with you the first thing I have really cooked for myself in the kitchen in my apartment.

Here are the ingredients I was able to buy for my salad: Whole grain
rotini pasta, pitted black olives, marinated artichoke hearts, cherry
tomatoes, and light balsamic dressing. 
I normally use a mixture of kalamata olives, and oil cured olives in my salad but I didn't have that option here. You can also put in different bell peppers, cucumber ect. but i did not feel like buying that much produce. 

Trying to fit the bowl of pasta in the fridge to cool: not an easy task.
That is my little corner of the fridge, not much room.. hence why I
didn't buy so much produce to go in the salad. I wouldn't have any
room for the leftovers. 
Maybe I will make a blog post about my next food shopping experience, so you can get a look at what this college student is buying on her quest to eat healthier. There is a stack of Chobani yogurt there on the right. I hate yogurt but for some reason I really like this yogurt. Its thick and the fruit in it is delicious. I got one in every flavor to try them out and see which one I like best. 

And there you have it, my pasta salad lunch. I put the pasta in
the container this morning and just added a couple of the other
ingredients to it instead of adding it to all the pasta directly. 
The pasta salad was a great success, and it was good to actually eat something to get me through the rest of work instead of just a Fiber 1 bar.

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