Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look Who Came to Dinner

So far we have had a couple of famous people come in to Chef Micky's to eat dinner. It is always crazy whenever someone of note shows up. Everyone is always running around to make sure everything is perfect. So who has come to the restaurant since I have been working there you ask? Drumroll please...

Donald Trump's son and his wife and kid's came to the restaurant
one day. He didn't look like this when he came in. Just an ordinary
guy with a "Hungry Like The Wolf" t-shirt on. 

Andrew Zimmerman also came in to the restaurant one day
(and of coarse that day was my day off!). If you don't know
who he is, he is the star of the show Bizarre Foods on the Travel
Channel, where he goes to different countries and eats the craziest things.
I really wish I could have been there to meet him. 

Today, the Queen of Morocco came to the restaurant
with her kids (the prince of Morocco was 8 I believe).
I didn't see her but I did see the 20 body guards sitting

So there you have it, in the one month I have been working there 3 "famous" or well known people have come in to the restaurant. I wonder who will come in next..

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