Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Run Casey, Run

So today I went into work and after my three day streak of being in the wonderful desert room, and my name was on the board next to runner 2. I have never been runner 2 before but hey I have been runner 1 so how different could it be? Well for prep I just had to cut up the bread and put it all nice in the trays, put out the ice cream cones and the crackers, and thats about it. Pretty Simple. During service I just ran the food to the backside. It was a long night that felt like it was going on forever. Of coarse it wasn't without a little excitement. And by excitement I mean one of the lady cooks was walking around with no pants on at one point. No, I am not kidding.
So after service was over I learned that my after service work was to clean out the salad bar. Uhg. Let me start off by saying at the end of the night that salad bar is nasty. There is one at each end of the buffet and they are scattered with cheese, dressing, bacon, various salads, and anything else the guests dropped in there. Gross. Not the highlight of my night I am telling you.

Here is a before picture of the salad bar. This is after I trashed
whatever was in there. What is left is a whole bunch of ice and
food scattered everywhere. I used a half sheet pan to shovel out
all of the ice into bus trays. Took forever. Then I needed to take
the covers off and clean down inside of it.

It smelled so gross in here. I had to practically climb in there
to clean it out. Chef said that he was standing over the salad
bar watching, but I was half inside the thing intently washing it.
I just wanted to get out of there. By this point I had dropped my
whole bucket of water over, was soaking wet, smelled like nasty
food, and felt gross. It was time to go home. 

Here is the finished nice clean salad bar. 

Here is a scary picture of me and two of my
coworkers in the elevator. That is me, Michelle,
and Juan. What you can't see is the other three people,
two giant garbage cans of food, and three food trams.
That elevator was packed, and we were super excited to
be going home. 

And there I am after work in my very dirty and
too big chef coat. 

Good thing I finally have a day off tomorrow because I am writing this blog post at 4:20 am. Of coarse it is supposed to rain again tho. Guess I will have a day of relaxing, catching up on all my television shows i've missed, and maybe even do some cooking. I finally went to Wallmart after work today and bought a whole bunch of food to last me for a while. There might be a food blog post in your future.

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