Friday, April 1, 2011

Desert First

Today I got to train on a new position... deserts! I was super excited to see my name on the board next to deserts because I was finally going to be able to do something new. Even though when you do deserts you are in the back of the restaurant in the cleverly named desert room all by your lonesome, the day went by super fast and I never found myself looking at the clock counting down the minutes until I got to go home. Not like i do that... all the time. Anyway, I am sure you are wondering what exactly I do as the desert person, and most importantly do I get to eat the deserts.
Well my job was pretty simple. I needed to plate up all the deserts and fill up the ice cream machines. Sounds pretty easy huh? Well it is. You do have to get your stuff plated really quick tho because once those guests see those deserts they swarm at them like they have never seen a desert in their life. Throughout the night I switch out the plates, refill them, fill up the ice cream machine when the light goes on, and make sure the area is pretty clean. At the end of the day I just need to clean everything up.
Now I can't describe to you my job as desert person without telling you how amazing the desert room smells. Do you know how many times random servers came in to say hello just so that they could stand in the desert room for a while, and try and steal some treats? A lot.
So the deserts we have at Chef Micky's are delicious. Those guys in the bakery get an A+. We have chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies, sugar free brownies, carrot cake, mini cheesecakes, key lime pie tarts, Micky mouse mousse domes, and bread pudding. All delicious. Not like I ate them all or anything.. really.

Here are the mini cheesecakes. They are delicious.
They are topped with raspberries, strawberries, and blue berries. 


These are the key lime pie tarts. They are delicious too.
They are topped with whipped cream and cute chocolate
Mmmm, Hungry yet?

Here are the Micky mousse domes.
They are a mousse dome on top of an Oreo cookie
with little chocolate ears. They are so cute, and when
people see these they attack. I have to constantly
refill these guys. 

This is the bread pudding that is topped with a caramel sauce.
Have I used the word delicious in this blog post yet?

And here I am being a nerd filling up the ice cream
machine. Have to entertain myself somehow..

Chef said I will be working at this station for the next couple of days so I can get used to it. That is totally fine with me, altho maybe it was a bad idea to decide to start up my diet and exercise plan again today..


  1. Casey, your blog is so much fun. You need to put the RSS feed thingie on there so we will always know when you have a new post!

  2. Thank you! where do I go to do that? haha I am so bad with figuring out computer stuff I am surprised I even figured out how to get this blog up!