Monday, September 9, 2013

Food Truck Love; Mama Kims


Nothing has taken the culinary world by storm quite like Food Trucks. They are quick, convenient, and offer amazing quality food and moderate prices. Providence is a mecca for awesome food trucks, but none is as popular and more sought after as Mama Kims Korean Food Truck. They take food truck fare to a while other level.
A little history about the place: Mama Kims was opened by Sook Kim and her son Hyun after experiencing the wonder of food trucks in California. All of the ingredients that they use are from local purveyors, and is cooked by young chefs from my alma mater Johnson & Wales.  

On Saturday while venturing out to get some coffee, I spotted the truck outside of the JWU Campus. I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to finally try their food. My boyfriend and I each decided to try one of their wraps.
I decided on the Beef Bulgogi wrap which consisted of shaved sirloin, sautéed onions, and mushrooms in their house marinade with a wasabi-aioli. The flavor of the beef was incredible, and it was very tender. The best part for me was definitely the wasabi aioli. It added just a hint of heat without being too overpowering. My boyfriend tried their pork kimchi wrap which was made with pork belly and pork loin in their house marinade, grilled with fresh house made kimchi.
At three dollars each this is an incredibly affordable meal that definitely does not lack in flavor or quality. Mama Kims menu includes other items such as rice sets, deserts, Korean sweet potato fries, and daily specials.
Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they are located today. I know I will be tracking down the truck again very soon to try out their Beef Galbi Sliders.  

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