Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I Really Think of The Blueprint Cleanse

Diet fads. They come and they go, but none have gained popularity quite like the juicing fad. Whether you are concocting your own “Green Monster” with your personal juicer, or picking up a bottled version at your local Whole Foods, you can admit to at least trying the trend. I have to admit that I have taken part in the bottled variety. When I first heard about the Blueprint Cleans I was infatuated by it. Then when I discovered their Instagram I was determined to get my hands on their brightly colored juice in their cute square bottles (I am a total sucker for packaging).
When I found out individual bottles of the stuff was sold at Whole Foods I had to run over and pick some up. Now let me start out with how expensive these things are. If you order the full cleanse online you can get one day’s worth of juice ( six bottles) for $65, two days for $130, three days for $195, four days for $260, five days for $325, and six days for a whopping $390. Now I am not sure who has almost four hundred dollars to shell out on juice every week, but I do not. You could buy enough fruit to make your own juice for a year with that kind of cash money. If you go the Whole Foods route like I did you still need to be prepared to shell out about $10 a bottle.
And now for how the juice tastes. If you enjoy the taste of liquid beets or spinach then this is totally for you. If not, then don’t let the other ingredients like apple or ginger fool you – you can’t taste them. The juice has an overwhelmingly earthy smell and flavor. The lemon and cayenne juice left a very uncomfortable burning sensation in the back of my throat.
How did I feel after two days of the cleanse? Like I was dying. And I didn’t even drink the recommended six bottles (like I could afford that). I had a horrible headache and went straight to bed after work. I did not feel energized or healthy for that matter. I wanted a quick weight loss solution before my vacation but there isn’t one. Eating healthy and staying active is what works, and it takes one day at a time. It takes knowing exactly what you are putting in your body and cutting out the processed foods without depriving yourself.
Different things work for different people. Maybe drinking your veggies works for you, but I would rather eat mine raw. With hummus.

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