Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I am always game to try different types of cuisine whether it be Italian, Greek, Mexican, Japanese, Tai, Ethiopian, etc. I have never been the biggest fan of Indian food. There is just something about the different flavors they use that do not peak my interest.
When my family suggested we try the new Indian Restaurant that opened up on Main Street in East Greenwich however, I was not going to dispute them. Rasa is owned by the same people as Kabob and Curry in Providence, which I have always heard wonderful things about.

We started off with some drinks which included the white peach sangria which was delicious, a berry martini, and an Indian beer called the Taj Mahal. For appetizers we ordered the cauliflower 65 which was a fried cauliflower tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce and the Green pea Samosas. I absolutely loved the flavor of the cauliflower. It was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and was my favorite dish of the night.

I was not super hungry, so for my entrée I also ordered off the appetizer menu. I got the Artichoke and Veg Utapam which was a rice pancake with a variety of vegetables. This was good, but would have been more enjoyable as a shared appetizer rather then a main course, my mistake.
The other two dishes ordered at the table were the Lamb Curry and the Dum Chicken Biryani, both extremely flavorful. I definitely missed the boat by not ordering an entrée, a mistake I will not make again on my next visit to Rasa.
AMAZING Nan Bread!
Do you like Indian food?
What is your favorite dish, I would love to hear some suggestions!

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