Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ellie's Bakery

If you asked me what my least favorite meal was a couple years ago I would say breakfast. I absolutely hated breakfast foods (except bacon of course).After I started dating James things changed. This boy is in love with breakfast, and after many many brunch trips I am now too in love with breakfast. 

I recently stopped into Ellie's bakery on Washington Street for a quick breakfast before work. Ellie's, owned by Gracies, is a parisian style bakery. They are open from 7am until 4pm on the weekdays and open at 9 on saturdays. They have a simple mission- "All of our products are prepared with the season in mind. We source our ingredients responsibly from local farms and producers. Our team is passionate and filled with pride. Each product is made with integrity and attention to the tiniest detail. We strive each day to stand out in the community as a loyal, soulful, nourishing neighborhood bakery".

They offer a variety of pastries, scones, and cakes as well as a daily frittata special. The thing that caught my eye was their signature sandwich - an egg and cheese sandwich with a tomato jam and your choice of bacon or breakfast sausage. Breakfast sandwiches are my favorite thing so I knew right away that is what I would choose, and for a little over five dollars it's unbeatable. They also have a wonderful selection of coffees and espresso drinks. 

They also serve lunch showcasing five different seasonal sandwiches and a soup du jour that changes constantly. But my favorite thing at Ellie's is not a sandwich or a drink. It is their absolutely delicious french macarons. These too have seasonal falvors that change constantly. No matter what the flavor they are absolutely perfect.

From the cute plates to the mason jars all the little touches make Ellie's unique. They have limited bar seating inside and a few outdoor tables. They have a serious eye for detail which gives Ellie's a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

If you have not stopped in to Ellie's Bakery yet you need to make time to visit soon. Everything is fresh and delicious, and will give you that feel good feeling the minute you walk in. And really, that makes all the difference. 

xo. Casey 

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