Thursday, July 17, 2014

Frost Bar Boston

One of my favorite parts of our Boston vacation was when we stumbled upon Frost Bar in Quincy Market. I had heard about these bars made of ice before but I was always skeptical. But when my boyfriend said "let's do it!" I became super excited. 
The cost to get in was $13 with my student id but prices vary during peak hours. They give you these fur hooded ponchos that kind of feel like a sleeping bag, and some gloves. We stepped inside of this cool room that gets you used to the temperature change. "It's not that cold" we thought- but then the doors to the bar opened. Immediately we felt the frigid 20 degree blast of cool air. Everything was made out of ice- the benches, the fixtures, and the glasses. We decided to go with beers and received a free beer coozie which was awesome. 

We stayed for about 20 minutes, until we were shivering, and decided to go. It is an awesome experience that I would suggest anyone to check out (especially on a super hot day). 

After that we decided to get some drinks outside by the harbor to defrost before going into the aquarium. This was the first time I have ever been to the Boston aquarium and they literally had the biggest penguin exhibit I have ever seen. And I love me some penguins. 

I had one of the best days with this goof. 
Boston is only about a 45 minute ride from Providence, so it is awesome to be able to have awesome days like this not too far from home. 

xo. Casey

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