Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teatro Boston

This past weekend the boyfriend and I had an awesome vacation where we relaxed, took day trips, and spent some much needed quality time together. It was awesome. On one of the days we decided to take a spontaneous train ride into Boston. 

At the end of an awesome day full of cool new experiences (more on that in a post later this week!) we were ravenous. After walking for a while looking for little Italy we found our way to the paramount area and we did what any 21st century young adults would do and asked Siri where to go. She said that right down the street there was a restaurant called Teatro. After looking at the menu we decided to go for it - and I am so glad we did. 

As we were entering the restaurant it looked dark, and empty. Once we walked in however we realized we were very wrong. The inside of the restaurant was beautiful, a total hidden gem, and it was packed. 

We chose two seats at the bar and looked over the delicious menu. I ordered a white sangria and it was delicious - definitely in the top two best sangria's I have ever had. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and crispness. As we enjoyed our drinks we were also served warm crusty bread with a side of chickpea puree and oil with red pepper flakes for dipping. 

Right away the Antipasto platter caught our eye. This was my favorite part of the meal and I would return to Teatro just to order this appetizer again. 

The platter included fried squash blossoms, truffled deviled egg, mozzarella and figs, prosciutto and Parmesan, white bean puree, bresaola, stuffed cherry peppers, artichoke, eggplant and marinated mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and the creamiest blue cheese I have ever tasted. This was all accompanied by perfectly grilled bread. 
I could not have asked for a more perfect assortment of absolute deliciousness. 

For my entree I chose the half portion of the Conchiglie, which was shell pasta with lobster in a butter sauce. The pasta was cooked perfectly and it had large chunks of lobster meat. I think it was a wonderful idea to offer half portions and I am so glad that I opted to go with the half portion after that amazing antipasto. It was just the right amount of food and we left completely satisfied. 

I am so thankful that we stumbled upon Teatro. It was a wonderful experience with a great atmosphere and delicious food. We will definitely be returning to Boston soon to dine at Teatro again. 

xo. Casey

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