Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Shandy Cocktail

Beer cocktails are one of my favorite drinks, and the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to them. Since it is Labor Day Weekend I thought I would share my favorite summer beer cocktail with you!

Shandy's are a citrus based beer that is super popular during the summertime. There are tons of different kinds (you will be hearing about my favorites in an upcoming post!) but new to the shandy world this year is Narragansett Beer's  Dells Lemonade. I used this as the base for this yummy cocktail. 

Shandy Beer
A white whine
Club Soda (you can also use sprite, ginger ale, or in my case all I had in my fridge — Mountain Dew) 
Frozen Raspberries 

Add equal parts shandy and white wine into the glass. Top with fizzy soda and garnish with frozen raspberries. I love adding frozen raspberries to my cocktails, they add a nice tartness to the drink without being over powering. Orange slices would also be an awesome addition. 

I am trying to savor the last couple days of of summer, and this drink is the perfect accompaniment to a lazy summer afternoon. 

xo. Casey

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