Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blu On The Water

As summer is winding down I wanted to share with you my choice for the official spot of the summer - Blu on the Water located in East Greenwich. Blu has great food, delicious drinks, and awesome music all summer long. Everyone is so relaxed there, enjoying the summer without a care in the world either on the deck or docked on their boats listening to the music. 

They have complimentary valet service and indoor/outdoor seating with three different bars outside on the deck. If a popular band like World Premier is playing you better get a table early or else you are looking at an hour and a half wait to get a spot outside. 

The food is pretty great too. The menu isn't too big, and I have tried almost half the things on the menu. I have never had a bad experience at Blu when it comes to the food. The mahi mahi fish tacos are awesome - huge pieces of mahi mahi with a mango salsa and guacamole. The Caribbean jerk chicken sandwich with blue cheese crumbles has become my new favorite item on their menu. Their clamcakes, lobster crab cakes, and muscles frites are awesome appetizers, and they have some of the best calamari I have ever had. You have two options, either the buffalo calamari which is fried and coated in buffalo sauce, or the Rhode Island style calamari with hot peppers and olives. My boyfriends favorite is the BBQ bacon burger. And do not forget to upgrade your fries to the truffle Parmesan fries- so good!

The drinks are pretty awesome as well. Although a little pricey, they are a large sized drink and are extremely delicious. If it is your first time at Blu I highly recommend the watermelon sangria- it is out of this world. 

Blu on the Water completely embodies summer time for me. As the summer winds down I will definitely be taking advantage of the couple weeks left I have to spend at blu before they close for the winter. 

What's your favorite summer spot? 

xo. Casey

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