Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Everyone knows that I am in love with box services. There is something about getting a little surprise every month that makes it feel like Christmas all the time! My particular favorite - and longest running box subscription is Birchbox. I have received eleven Birchboxes, and so I thought it was time I share my experience with you. 

First of all a little information about what Birchbox is: 

When I see the bright pink box in my mailbox I get very excited! You can get a heads up on the Birchbox app once it ships and see what you are going to get, but I like to at least try and keep it a surprise. You can customize your preferences to your liking - whether you like makeup, skin care, hair products, or lifestyle products. It is also customized based on skin tone and skin needs if you choose makeup and skin care as sine if your preferences. 

Inside the pink box is actually one of my favorite parts - the adorable cardboard box that always has a colorful pattern on the inside. I have used these boxes for everything including organization in my bathroom cabinets, to hold my spices in on the kitchen counter, on my desk, and as gift boxes. When you can even utilize the packaging that is when you know you have something good. 

This past month was a really good month for me. I have used everything in the box, and there is not a single thing I did not love. Here is a little look into what I got for September: 

I loved the nude nail polish and the polish removing wipes, two things I used right away. 
These things are awesome, but what are my all time favorite items that I have received? You know- the ones I would buy the full size of. 

Here are the best of the best: 
1. Anastasia Brow Gel
2. Amika Peek Up Dry Shampoo
3. Whish Shave Cream 
4. Nail Rock - Velvet manicure (which I am wearing right now) 
5. Tua Forte Minteas (chai tea mints which are supposed to be "weight loss boosters". IDK if that is true but they were super tasty!) 

I highly suggest you go check out the products I listed above if you have never used them before. I use almost all of them every single day, and I would have never known about them if it was not for Birchbox. 

Remember: Birchbox provides samples of a mix between high end and low end products. The miniature sizes are perfect to just throw in your purse when you are on the go. And for every box you receive you rack up points that you can use towards the full sized item.

Birchbox is just $10 per month with free shipping. 

If you love trying new products then this is definitely the subscription box for you!
I personally can not wait for my October box!

xo. Casey

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