Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CC Guide: White Electric Coffee

Welcome to the CC Guide, Creatively Casey's guide to the coolest spots on the east coast! Most specifically, Providence of course. In this first edition of my new series I bring you my favorite coffee spot of the moment: White Electric Coffee. 

White Electric Coffee is a little spot located on Westminster Street in Prov. They are serving up delicious New Harvest blend coffees, lattes, and yummy frozen green tea lattes.

They are also serving up some delicious bagel sandwiches. As some of you know I am a self proclaimed bagel connoisseur. Okay, more like a bagel snob. Their bagels are awesome, and they have a menu full of wonderful toppings. Of course I had to get avocado and cream cheese. Yum. 

I washed it down with a delicious hazelnut iced coffee topped with some cinnamon. 

Can I just pause here for a moment and explain to you how obsessed I am with cinnamon in my coffee. Not only does cinnamon provide your body with the antioxidants that coffee takes out, but it also balances out the bitterness.

Verdict: this place is awesome. Its hip, it has amazing bagels and coffee, and has an old arcade game. It is everything you could ever want in a Providence coffee shop and more. 

Bravo White Electric Coffee, bravo. 


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