Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Say's You Can't Go Home

Hello everyone! Thought I had given up forever?! Not a chance! Things have been so crazy in the past month that I haven't posted anything. First my mom came to visit me for a week, and we were in extra hours at the restaurant for two weeks during easter. After that I took the time to recover from the craziness and rest for a while. Then dan came to visit me for an amazing mini vacation, and after that I wanted to shove in as much disney I could in my last week in Florida. And that is exactly what I did. It was a crazy month that would probably take up 30 blog posts to talk about. And now quicker then I thought, my Disney internship is officially over.
From all the long day's at work, visits from amazing people, good friends, amazing food, and crazy rides, I will never forget a moment of my time as a Disney cast member.
I was so excited to leave Florida that whole last week, but when the last night came I began to realize that I would be leaving my temporary home, a place that I had finally settled in to, and a place with amazing weather. I could no longer go on a roller coaster before work, watch the fireworks after a long week, or lay on the lazy river at the water park for hours to work on my non existent tan. I would miss all of those things a lot, but as the plane took off I realized that it was definitely my time to go home. Time to be with my family, my dog's, and my boyfriend who I missed like crazy. Time to move on to something new.
After being home for my first full day, it feels like I never left. I am excited to be in my favorite place in the world, New Jersey, for a summer that i suspect is going to be an amazing one.
So stay tuned for many new blog posts all this summer about my adventures in food, life, and everything else here is the garden state.

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