Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Five, Summer Playlist

Hi guys, sorry for missing a post yesterday, but the boyfriend and I took off work and heading up to Warped Tour! I remember going to Bamboozle in Jersey every summer and seeing all of my favorite bands, so I was excited to check out Vans Warped Tour this year and see who was playing. Although I hardly knew any of the bands that were playing (there were a lot more "metal core bands" and rappers/DJ's) I still had a lot of fun!

So in lapse of my post yesterday, I am now bringing you TWO Friday Fives today.

First up here is my Summer Playlist:Warped Tour Edition. These are songs that have been permanent staples in my ITunes Summer Playlist for years and remind me of days spent at summer concert festivals. 

  1. Boys of Summer; The Ataris 
 2. Ocean Avenue; Yellowcard
3. California; Phantom Planet
   4. It's Not Your Fault; New Found Glory
5. The Great Escape; Boys Like Girls 
  Bonus Track! Summertime; Mae 

So much traffic on the way to Warped Tour! It was a giant line to get into the parking lot for two hours all the way down 95'

Next up are the songs that are always on my summer playlist because to me they just embody all that summer is. Some are awesome and some are total guilty pleasures, but here they are! 

1. (More Bounce In) California; SOULKID #1
2. Summer Girls; LFO
                  3. Summertime In Rhode Island; Someday Providence
        4. Ignition (Remix); R Kelly 
           5. Leavin'; Jesse McCartney 
Bonus Track! Brown Eyed Girl; Van Morrison

Put those two lists together and you have my no fail perfect summer road trip playlist. 
I mean seriously, if you don't have Summer Girls on your summer playlist, you need to reevaluate your life. 

What are your staple summer jams? 

xo. Casey 

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