Thursday, August 15, 2013

Block Island Series; Captain Nick's

Captain Nicks, located right next to Poor Peoples Pub, was a hot spot for me and my family while on the Island. It was a short walk down the street from our house, and was a fun place to grab after dinner drinks.
The great thing about Captain Nicks was that every day they had a different event going on. Of course me and my mother checked out Drafts and Crafts on Tuesday for some local shopping.
On Thursday night we headed over to Captain Nicks around 5 to grab a couple drinks, listen to some live music, and possibly try a little sushi from the famous Sushi Bob.
Their drink menu immediately caught my eye with drinks named after some of my favorite musicians. I started out with the Jim Morrison, and then took on the Amy Winehouse.
We then ordered a little bit of sushi from the man himself Sushi Bob. We ordered the California roll and the Spicy Tuna roll. They said it would take about an hour, seeing as how Bob is making the sushi fresh on his own. It was definitely worth it.
The Sushi was fresh and definitely hit the spot.
Later on that night we walked back down to check out the Blushing Brides, a Rolling Stones Cover Band. Captain Nick's is definitely a great spot to kick back, have some drinks, some awesomely fresh sushi, and enjoy time with friends and family.
Good Vibes and Good Times

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