Friday, August 16, 2013

Block Island Series; Harry's

As a food blogger, sometimes you find yourself at a restaurant and you are enjoying the food so much that you don't remember to take a picture before you chow down on your delicious looking meal.
That was the case at our last dinner stop at Harry's, located right across the street from both Poor People's Pub and Captain Nicks.

We started off with a bunch of different appetizers, which of course I did not get any pictures of. We got the crab stuffed mushrooms which were very flavorful, spicy shrimp which were indeed very spicy, and of course some quahogs. I did however get a picture of my Greek Salad.. exciting I know.
For our entrées me and my sister decided to split the steak flautas and the chicken flautas. When they came to the table they were not exactly what I was picturing in my head when I think of traditional flautas, The steak flautas were extremely flavorful. The chicken ones were still good, just a little dry.
The winner at the table was the orange glazed duck with stuffing and cranberry chutney. I definitely dropped the ball not ordering this. If duck is on the menu on your trip to Harrys definitely order it. For me. And ship it to Rhode Island.
My Block Island Series is coming to a close, and I am definitely saving the best for last. But for now my friends I leave you with these simple words

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