Friday, September 13, 2013

Foodie Superstitions

Happy Friday the 13th blog readers!
I love all things horror movie related (I worked at a haunted house for four years after all) and so you better believe that I will be celebrating one of the greatest movie villains favorite days with a Friday the 13th marathon.
Friday the 13th is not only about my favorite machete wielding mad man, but a day where  superstitions come to life. We all know the obvious ones: don't let a black cat cross your path, don't walk under a ladder, and if you break that mirror get ready for 7 very unlucky years. But did you know there are tons of superstitions revolving around food?
Here are a couple of fun ones that I found:
1. Garlic. legend says that garlic was a powerful deterrent against werewolves and vampires. It was also a way to repel the evil eye.
2. Salt. rumor has it that spilling salt is unlucky, and the only way to turn back your luck is to throw it over your left shoulder. A circle of salt is also said to keep away witches (hello hocus pocus!).
3. Egg Shells. legend has it that if you do not crush the egg shells after you crack open an egg they will be gathered by a witch who will then use them to make a boat for herself. If you crush them, then they are no use to her.
4. Bananas. fisherman used to believe that the presence of a banana would bring bad luck for the days catch. Others believed it would bring death (that escalated quickly).
5. Noodles. while eating your chicken lomein never cut your noodles! Long noodles symbolize long life, and if you cut the noodles then you are cutting your life short.
Bet you didn't know some of those! Have a safe day out there bloggers and remember, if it is raining where you are wait until you are outside to open that umbrella.
What are some of the craziest superstitions you have heard? Do you believe?


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