Thursday, July 3, 2014

We've Got the Russian Blues

Here is a little life update for you blog friends - 

After much going back and forth James and I have decided to adopt - a beautiful Russian Blue cat. We have been going through tons of posts on Craigslist and Petfinder searching for a Russian Blue that needs a good home with loving parents. 

When we were searching for what type of cat to get we knew we needed to go with a hypoallergenic breed since James is allergic. When we saw the Russian Blue's we fell in love. Their grey coats and beautiful green eyes weren't the only thing that attracted us to the breed. They also are very active and love to play fetch which is just the kind of cat we are looking for. 

The search has been hard however. We have been searching but we either get no responses or they are too far away. Currently we are waiting to hear back from two different owners trying to find homes for their little guys. We have also been looking at shelters as well. I knew that I wanted to adopt a cat instead of buy a kitten because there are just so many out there that need homes. 

We are going to continue our hunt and hopefully find a new member of our little family soon. 
If anyone knows of a Russian Blue that needs a home let me know, we would love to give them the happy life they deserve!

This guy is a 14 year old Russian Blue who needs a good home. 
Fingers Crossed his owners will get back to us soon!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

xo. Casey

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