Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holy Whole Foods!

This afternoon I stepped into what I can only describe as grocery store heaven. A food lovers paradise. A fresh food lovers fantasy. I could go on forever. So tell me why today marked my first whole foods experience? Oh whole foods where have you been all my life? I think I am in love. I always figured that they were just a way too overpriced food store that wouldn't be worth going to, but boy was a wrong. Their prepared food's area is amazing. Their salad bar is delicious, bakery is to die for, cheese section is incredible and their prepared food area? Pizza's, chickens, pasta's.. the list goes on and on. It is a culinary student's dream. So I had to splurge on a few items.. whats the point in going at all if i'm not going to go all out? And of coarse I had to document my purchases for my lovely blog followers.

Of course I had to hit up their salad bar for lunch. I couldn't
possibly tell you whats in here because I decided there needed
to be a little bit of everything. But from what I can remember
there is some arugula, two different pasta salads, a fruit salad,
a corn salad, some green beans, edamame, and a bunch of different
cous cous salads. 
I picked these bad boys up to make with dinner. Some fresh
carrots and mushrooms. Possibly sautéing the mushrooms
with some wine to make a nice sauce for the chicken breasts
I have, and possibly honey glazing those carrots. Sounds
kind of wintery but hey, why not. 

I could not pass up their bread and cheese section. I picked up
a sourdough loaf which they sliced for me, and a pice of brie cheese
my absolute favorite. 

While getting the bread at the bakery this little
baby caught my eye and I had to get it.
A mini cheesecake with a chocolate covered
strawberry on top. Yum. 

So there is my mini whole foods haul. Expect many more of these coming soon. Now that I have been in there, I am addicted. 

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