Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decorating Finds

Hey there, remember this post over here:
It was all about my inspiration for my apartment I will be living in come September. Well scratch all that because I have a new inspiration. Since I love the beach, and I live in New England during school, I thought an old beach cottage feel would be absolutely adorable! So far I have started buying things for my room and bathroom, and will work with the other girls to find things for the common spaces like kitchen, and living room/dining room area.
But for now here is a little look at a few things I have gotten so far.. more to come!

I thought this would be cute in the bathroom

Little beach chair to hold a candle on

A cute shutter looking hanger for towels 

Old sign to hang up in my room

An antique looking tin to possibly put flowers in

So there you have it thats what i have so far. A bunch of do it yourself decoration ideas will be coming your way soon :)

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