Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Its Independence Day

Here is a look at some of the food I made for out yummy fourth of July bbq

little blurry picturee

shrimp cocktail, meatballs with a chimichuri sauce, and
proscuitto di parma

mini quadruple mac and cheese with bacon and panco topping

This is my boyfriend dan's dog eddie. He walked onto the raft
all by himself and did a little surfing. He was loving the pool!
I also made my famous ribs to go with the spread. Other things at the bbq included two pasta salads, more ribs, venison tenderloin, perogies, a quiche, some salad, and of course some burgers and hot dogs.
The meal was finished off with a million deserts including my second try and lemon tarts which came out much better this time, and some smores later on in the night.

Hope you all had a wonderful fourth of july full of food and fun!

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