Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heaven in a cup

First there was the creation of the blizzard, and everyone fell in love. Then the coldstone craze came along with their delicious flavor combinations, and now it seems that frozen treat lovers have moved on to a new love.. frozen yogurt. And I must admit, it is one that I have long been a fan of. As someone who really doesn't love ice cream, I can honestly say I LOVE frozen yogurt. 

I Love the tart flavors that they have to offer, and the abundance of toppings. You can either go the healthy rout choosing fresh fruit, and granola, or go crazy with the fruity pebbles, sprinkles, and my favorites, the cheese cake bites. Whatever you are feeling these places will hit the spot. 

We have a few places back in Jersey some self serve, and some where they make it for you and you tell them everything you want. I personally prefer the self serve to the service. I'll admit to you right here.. I am more of a fan of the toppings then the frozen yogurt itself. So when I serve myself I put a few little tastes of different flavors and then pack on the toppings!

16 Handles is a self serve place in Jersey, and many other locations. Although they have a better variety of frozen yogurt flavors, that change frequently from Red Velvet, to Cheesecake, to Watermelon.. they don't have as much of a variety of toppings as their counterpart here in Rhode Island..

Mango frozen yogurt with raspberries, cheesecake bites,
mango flavor ball things (idk what they are but they looked
interesting so I had to try!) and pomegranate drizzle. yum

I know that there are pinkberry's everywhere but I had my first experience when I came back here for school. Although they have less flavors (you can choose between original, chocolate, vanilla, mango, and the new peanut butter) they have a billion toppings. 

But no matter your preference or your location, I give all of these frozen yogurt places two thumbs up!
This is a trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

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