Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Better Then Ever

Hey blogging people! I started this blog Simply Casey in the spring of 2011. I had just turned twenty years old, had moved to Orlando Florida about to begin my internship at Walt Disney World Resort. I was young, in love, and carefree. Fast forward two years later. I am now twenty two years old, finished with college classes, working at an amazing hotel. Two years ago when I pictured my life, I saw something completely different. I had no idea what direction I wanted my career or my life to go in. A lot has happened in the last two years. There has been heartbreak, confusion, and sadness. But there have also been moments of pure happiness and clarity. Now when I look at my life I see the great friendships I have made, and the successes I have achieved. Of course this has not happened without some bumps in the road, but even the people who treat you badly are there for a reason. Everything that happens is a lesson, and while it may hurt for a while it won't last forever. 

So here I am, twenty two and finally finding my place in life. Surrounding myself with great people, and opening myself up to new opportunities and experiences. Because after all, that is what life is all about. 

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