Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Block Island Series; Poor People's Pub

As some of you may know from my continuous Instagram pictures I spent that last week on beautiful Block Island in Rhode Island. My family came up and we took the short (& cheap, only 12 dollars!) ferry ride from Point Judith in Narragansett.
As soon as we got off the boat I was struck by how amazing this place was. I couldn't believe it was part of this little state. We were excited to get on the beach and explore the Island but after settling into our house we had one thing on our minds, food. And not just any food.. lobster rolls.
We walked down to a spot called Poor People's Pub. They had seating outside and a place to play a game of corn-hole. We sat outside, and me and my mom split one of their fish bowls called the Pub Palmer. And boy was it delicious. Like, dangerously good.
I looked over the menu until I saw the three words that immediately caught my eye: Hot Lobster Roll. Now I am not a fan of mayo.. I don't mind if there is a small amount of Chipotle Mayo on my sandwich, but when it comes to a large amount of that greasy white mayo I just can't do it. Because of this it has always been pretty hard for me to find a lobster roll I could eat, so when I heard that Block Island was crawling with places that had the stuff I was immediately excited.
I got mine with a side salad, trying to be all healthy and stuff. But let's be honest it's vacation, calories don't count right?
I give their lobster roll an 8 out of 10. The lobster was very flavorful and was packed into a grilled New England hot dog bun. The only reason that they got a couple of points deducted was because I was missing those big pieces of tail and claw meat that I look for when eating a hot lobster roll. Other then that, Poor People's Pub was right on with their roll.
We visited PPP a couple nights later for some dinner after listening to some music next door at Captain Nick's (come back for that review later!) because the smells from their smoker were just too irresistible to pass up. The product however was kind of a let down. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, excited to have some of that yummy pork right out of the smoker. What I got was a sandwich that was loaded down with bbq sauce. The sauce completely over powered the pork and the onion bun that it was served on. PPP definitely missed the mark on this one because their pulled pork could have definitely held its own without so much sauce.
Their humus pizza however was on a whole other level. The amount of garlic in their humus was perfect and the crust was a nice crunchy base for the large quantity of toppings that were loaded on top. The Chorizo Quahogs  also had very nice flavor to them as well.
Poor People's Pub is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The staff, drink selections, and fun atmosphere definitely make Poor People's Pub a hot spot on the Island.

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