Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Five, Favorite Naturebox Snacks

So if you remember last month I did a review on my first NatureBox. I have received two more since then and I was pretty excited with some of the snacks I received. My boyfriend made a comment one night as we were eating them "These snacks have to much flavor". Too Much Flavor? Is he crazy? Then I thought about it...and weirdly enough I agreed. But still the snacks were good. But were they really worth $20 a month four five pretty tiny bags? Not on my budget with all my new found bills I need to pay. If that is not an issue and you like receiving different snacks go for it, although there are similar boxes that offer more snacks for less money and they are a wide variety of items. 

But I digress. If you are curious about NatureBox, here are my top five favorite snacks I received.

1. Guacamole Bites - these guys were love at first sight. Snacks that taste like guac? Yes please! (although I have to admit after a while these guys lacked in luster. The started to resemble stale fritos. No Bueno.) 

2. Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels with a hint of beer - These guys were AWESOME. I love pretzels, I love cheese, and I love beer. All these things in one insanely flavorful bite? Definitely the best snack NatureBox has to offer. I would have kept my subscription solely for this snack. I have a couple pretzels left and I am savoring them (and hiding them from my boyfriend). 

3. Italian Bistro Pretzels - you really can not go wrong with pretzels, and these guys tasted like garlic bread. 

4. Honey Nut Medley - this was another serious winner. This was a perfect snack before lunch at work. My only complaint was that the bag was so tiny. 

5. Coffee Kettle Popcorn - This was pretty good.. not the best but was landslides better than the others. The problem was that I opened the bag excited to taste it, but then went stale quickly because it was not in a resealable container. Still it was pretty tasty. 

Will you be trying NatureBox? Let me know about your experience with the monthly subscription. 

xo. Casey

All photographs taken from the NatureBox website. Seriously, I am not that skilled. 

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